BRUMAS         mists

35 mm colour 80' Dolby SR         docufiction

a film by Ricardo Costa












More than fifty years later the protagonist meets Maria José again. She used to be a maid at his parents’ house, when he was a child. From her he has heard the most implausible stories. She was then eighteen and he was about six. The young woman became an elderly lady: a wrinkled mother, then a grandmother and a great grandmother, with the sea embedded in her soul. She lives in a fishermen’s village with white and diminutive houses perched at the edge of a cliff  in Peniche, an old fishermen’s town, at a neighbourhood known as “Windows of the Sea”.


She now tells the story of her life. She repeats ancient and life-giving gestures, illuminating childhood dreams. The camera follows those steps, moves backwards, and then it lurches forward suggesting a disquieting outcome of situations of these days, like those of the 11th September of  that same year. The boys who live around her tell the same story in a different way. To make that possible all it takes is a flick-knife, a handsaw, a broom stick, some bamboo canes, several floaters from the sardine nets, a few magic tricks.


Seduced by the protagonist, the grandson and the great grandson,  together with a couple of friends, they all share an exiting adventure. The play. The deep blue of the sea. The unpredictable Atlantic, swaying under the splendour of the mists. Time.





The hero   Ricardo

The grandmother   Maria José

Her grandson    Rudolfo

Her grand grandson    David

Her daughters    Isabel,  Beta

Her sons    Henrique,  Paulo

Her friends    Maria Velha,  Maria Joaquina,  Maria Bernardina

The prisoner   Dias Lourenço

The old photographer    Luis C. Peixoto

The protagonist’s friend    Isaura




producer and director

Ricardo Costa


image, sound, editing

Ricardo Costa


assistant director

Maria José Silva


image assistants

Maria José Silva

Lígia Pereira

António A.B.C. Marques

António Maurício

Ricardo M. Costa


editing assistant

João Brandão


image supervisor

Vitor Estêvão  a. i. p.


sound editor

Ricardo Sequeira


sound mixer

Jean-Paul Loublier



Manu Chao and Nuno Rebelo

at the ballet course

directed by

Marta Lapa

Museu Municipal de Peniche






This film was shot in August  / September  2001

in the neighbourhood

Bairro das Janelas do Mar

Peniche   Portugal

and finished in August  2003



60th Venice Film Festival   2003 (New Territories)