DRIFTS                                                                                                                                 a film by   Ricardo Costa



SYNOPSIS                                                                                 a Lisbon comedy                                                                                                                                          


Ricardo, the hero of Mists, a film set in Peniche, the fishermen town where he was born, is back to Lisbon. He is a professional photographer, an artist fighting for a living wage: taking photos of the city for easy clients. Apart from that, he often goes to the quays of the Tagus river to watch the sea with his binoculars at sunset. He likes to see further than common people and is obsessed with the future of mankind.


Unexpectedly, his elder brother, António, arrives from Paris. He was ran over by a car getting cripple shortly after his vacancy in Hat Yuan with his beloved friend Irene and her beautiful young  daughter Lili, with whom he keeps ambiguous relationships. António is a retired clock maker who likes helping old friends fix clock mechanisms of the Lisbon towers. He worked hard for many years and takes his revenge now travelling to exotic countries. During his stay in the city he will turn around to heel his injured leg. Contrary to his brother, he prefers scrutinizing close detail and master mechanisms of time. He suffers from short-sightedness.


In their wanderings, both meet odd people who unveil surprising facets of the city life. Among them is Mariana, a young university student, who will become a common friend and mischievously steam them up in different ways.


António heels his leg at last and gets tired of Lisbon. Breaking away from routine and weary affections, sighing for fresh ones and emerald like waters, he takes a cruiser in a wintery grey afternoon. He goes to Nosy Komba, the island of Lemurs. He can´t say when he will be back. Ricardo will certainly stay at home in the meantime expecting in vain that things will change.


What weird song the Lisbon tower clocks sing? Is it the same as old photos?



NOTE: DRIFTS is the second film (MISTS is the first) of an autobiographic trilogy about human wanderings. It is a docufiction.



Time flees from my hand like sand in the wind                                       Victor Hugo